Personal Training

Personal training at Bella Family Chiropractic delivers safe and effective exercise programs to our community. Our trainers offer motivational sessions by collaborating to set goals, oversee exercise and provide meaningful feedback, supporting you all the way along your health journey.

Melinda Obern
Personal Trainer

Melinda is a qualified clinical nutritionist and personal trainer who has over 30 year’s of working history in the fitness industry, consulting within Australia, the UK and New Zealand as a personal trainer and wellness coach.

She brings a broad base of knowledge and skills to the health forum with passion and curiosity, her specific area’s of interest as a personal trainer being strength and mobility.

Melinda has experience training clients of all ages, from young athletes through to those entering later life who are looking for the muscle control and stability to improve and support themselves in their daily lives.

Weekends will see her kayaking, hiking or on the beach with her family and much loved dog Riley

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